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Exotic animals such as snakes, tarantulas, sugar gliders and frogs are beginning to spark interest in pet keepers and also people who are new to pet-keeping due to their uniqueness in appearance, behaviour and housing compared to conventional pets.

Our Philosophy

The objective of our site is to provide a wide variety of healthy livestock at reasonable prices and reliable services for our customers. We hope to educate the public about the suitability of certain animals as pets, how to properly care for them and also to treat these animals with the respect they deserve. Besides that, we are hoping to contribute to the pet industry's survival that is now threatened by unregulated sales of animals.

High Yellow Leopard Gecko


This website is founded by us, Andrew Wong and Cornelia De Alwis. We are both pet enthusiasts who hope to take on the pet trade in a different way by selling pets at reasonable prices and also educating the public about the needs of these animals. We offer our gratitude to friends and contributors for their support in helping us make our vision come true.

Our Company

The basis of this company is of course, the love for animals. Being pet enthusiasts ourselves, we are hoping to approach the pet trade in a more appropriate manner by not merely selling animals but also providing information on how to care for the animals for the sake of the animals' survival. It is a shame to see how many animals in captivity are in bad condition or die sooner than they should due to the lack of knowledge or ignorance of the keepers. This is especially important when it comes to the captivity of exotics creatures because many people do not have the basic idea of how to properly care for these animals due to the fact that they are not common.

African Pygmy Hedgehog
"Amy Rose"