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Fattail Scorpion Caresheet

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 Fattail Scorpion - Androctonus spp


Average Growth: Slow growth, 2.5 - 3.5 inches total length
Type: Terrestrial
Origin: African deserts
Humidity and Temperature: 65 - 70% Humidity, 26- 30C
Behaviour: Highly venomous that it can kill a grown man within 2 hours. It is aggressive but calm. This genus is strictly for experienced keepers only. They should not be handled at all.
Housing: Plastic or glass tank at least 4 times longer than the scorpion. Provide at least 3 inches desert sand or dry peat. A wide shallow water dish can be provided.
Diet: Mealworms, crickets.
Additional note: Scorpions molt (shed their exoskeleton) to grow. At this point, they are very vulnerable so make sure to remove any crickets in the tank and leave the scorpion alone. Increase the tank's humidity to ease the scorpion's molt.

* ALL scorpions are venomous. Androctonus spp scorpions contain an extremely high venom toxicity level that is deadly even with the help of anti-venom. This genus is only for experienced scorpion keepers.