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Sugar Glider Caresheet

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 Sugar Glider - Petaurus breviceps


Average Growth: 5 inches in body length
Average Lifespan: 10 years
Type: Arboreal
Origin: Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia
Temperature: 25 - 27C
Behaviour: Typically docile if tamed from young, very social and communal but only when bonded with other gliders frmo young. Sugar Gliders are loyal and have strong bonds with their owners and glider friends. They are active creatures especially at night. They make perfect pocket pets. Being marsupials, the females have a pouch to carry their young in.
Housing:Use a tall and wide cage of at least a 1.5 x 1.5 x 2 feet space preferably made out of strong wire. Use corn cob or wood shavings as bedding at the bottom of the cage. Provide high hides using bird houses and coconute shells. Food dishes and water bottles (one for juice and one for fresh water) may also be placed on a higher level. Artificial plants and vines may be used as decorations.
Diet: A variety of fruits (melon, apple, pear, banana, grapes, berries), baby food (without garlic or onion), holistic cat food, boiled eggs, mealworms, crickets, beetles, yogurt, cooked fish and chicken. Insects should be offered often in small amounts.
Toys: Running wheel, swings, bells
Additional notee: Sugar gliders require as much handling as possible in order to tame them. When kept singly, the glider should be given at least one hour of interaction every day. Suger gliders are generally clean animals so there is no need to bathe them. If it's absolutely necessary, use a dry shampoo for animals.

* If you find any of our information to be inacurate or if you find some crucial information to be missing, do let us know