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 Asian Forest Scorpion - Heterometrus spinifer


Average Growth: 4 to 5 inches total length
Average Lifespan: 7 years
Type: Terrestrial, burrowing
Origin: South Asian rainforest
Humidity and Temperature: 78 - 82% Humidity, 24- 27C
Behaviour: A good beginner scorpion as they are not very fast and less defensive. They also have a low potency level and are very hardy. They are communal as long as the scorpions are similar-sized and there are enough space, hiding areas and food for them.
Housing: Plastic or glass tank at least 4 times longer than the scorpion. Provide at least 3 inches of moist peat moss. Use corkbarks or half flower pots as hides. Make sure there is a full shallow water dish available at all times.
Diet: Mealworms, crickets.
Additional note: Scorpions molt (shed their exoskeleton) to grow. At this point, they are very vulnerable so make sure to remove any crickets in the tank and leave the scorpion alone. Increase the tank's humidity to ease the scorpion's molt.